Elaine Curtis fully understood the risk she was taking. This live interview on conservative television would most likely make or break her chances of becoming a United States Senator. Despite the protestations of her aides and others in her campaign that she was needlessly stepping into enemy territory, she wanted to be truthful with the … Continue reading A POLITICAL REALITY


Christine McIntyre had done everything she could to treat her patient with compassion and sensitivity – but she could not bring herself to approve of his lifestyle. Standing at the front door of the beautiful suburban home, she was confident that in this case, just like all the others she’d been assigned to, the patient … Continue reading THE ACCEPTANCE OF LOVE


On a chilly November evening, at the age of thirty-one, Patrick Sutherland was about to do something he had never done. Something he never thought was possible. Something he had only dreamed of. He was going to go on a date. At least he thought it was a date – or rather he was hoping … Continue reading TWELVE PROMISES