After losing her only child in the 1960s, Suzanne Collinson went back to college and eventually became an educator. But now retired, she looked back over her long teaching career and feared she had led a life with little meaning. However, she was soon proven wrong when her favorite student from decades earlier re-entered her life and presented Suzanne with a stunning gift that proved beyond doubt that she had touched many lives, particularly young children with Down syndrome. *** Please click on the title.


Bestselling children’s author Gregory Landers is retiring due to a life-threatening illness. A recluse throughout his long career, the beloved writer has remained a mystery to his adoring fans, but he finally wants to tell his story before it’s too late. Reluctantly, he grants an extensive interview to a female reporter he has personally chosen. However, the young woman is shocked when she discovers the heartbreaking truth behind the author’s incredible success. *** Please click on the title.


Kenneth Patterson is a high-powered businessman on his way to an important meeting when he becomes stuck in an elevator with a young man with Down syndrome named Brandon. Feeling stressed, Patterson initially doesn’t understand Brandon’s relaxed acceptance of their situation, but he soon learns a valuable lesson about what truly matters in life as the young man’s honesty and sincerity put everything in the proper perspective. *** Please click on the title.


In this heartwarming romantic story, two people struggle with the idea of falling in love. Rita is living with the long-term effects of a traumatic brain injury, and she has difficulty believing that Charlie is as good a person as he seems. Their relationship is encouraged by their friend Zach, a young man with Down syndrome who can sense that Rita and Charlie are perfect for each other, even if they cannot see it themselves. The couple’s journey is filled with surprises that will make you believe in the power of unconditional love. *** Please click on the title.


When a compassionate little girl with Down syndrome encounters a woman who is homeless, she pleads with her mother to help the person. Although initially reluctant to get involved, the girl’s persistence convinces her mom to take action. The journey these individuals take in an attempt to understand each other’s circumstances will tug at your heart as you witness the humanity of all three. Olivia, her mother Ashley, and Diane soon form a deep bond of love and respect as the truth of Diane’s life unfolds. *** Please click on the title.