THE COMPASSION EXPERIMENT is the powerful story of a young woman with a developmental disability named Teresa, who is struggling at her job in the kitchen of an assisted living facility. Just when it appears she is about to be let go, it’s discovered that while unsuccessful at washing dishes, she possesses a far more valuable ability that she happily uses to create positive change in the lives of the residents. This uplifting story about how one person can make a difference will touch you. *** Please click on the title.


Freelance writer Kimberly Jude had no idea that her life would be turned upside down when she agreed to write the biography of a person she would never meet but with whom she shared a particular challenge. However, the subject of her book was such a remarkable man that she had difficulty believing the truth about his incredible compassion and generosity. This is a breathtaking story about how countless lives were changed by a caring person who asked for nothing in return. *** Please click on the title.


Kylie is a seven-year-old girl with a developmental disability. Every day she faithfully watches from the window as an older man slowly walks by with a cane. Eventually, she meets Albert, and the mysterious man opens up a world she and her mother never expected. They learn that he had polio as a child, and because he missed so much school, he is illiterate. But although he cannot read or write, they discover that Albert is the wisest person they’ve ever met. *** Please click on the title.


Sarah Fleming, a new resident in an assisted living facility, tragically lost her fiancée in the Vietnam War. She chose not to marry and has remained devoted to the one true love of her life. For more than fifty years, Sarah has faithfully written a heartfelt letter to him on the anniversary of their intended wedding date. Jill Harrison is the executive director of the facility, and when she finds out about the letters, she is touched by the woman’s dedication and commitment. Because Sarah’s fiancée was listed as MIA, the director takes it upon herself to see if she can assist in obtaining information about the man Sarah still loves. *** Please click on the title.


In 1929, when Eleanor Robinson was just six-years-old, she helped her father plant a small pin oak behind their house. Ninety-one years later, Ellie died in that home with the noble tree still standing tall. This is the remarkable story of a long life lived in the shadow of the pin oak. Although the world changed, and not always for the better, Ellie’s character and principles remained the same. During her lifetime, she experienced tremendous joy and profound heartache. But most of all, she lived a life filled with unconditional love. *** Please click on the title.