As usual, the well-stocked food pantry was bustling with activity in the late summer afternoon. Individuals and entire families had arrived early to take advantage of the free groceries that so many depended on to help them make it to the next paycheck. Young mothers, with their children in tow, pushed small shopping carts down … Continue reading A PLACE OF HOPE


Because physical movement was now impossible, the dying man laid perfectly still in his hospital bed. The astrocytoma tumor embedded in his brain had induced the paralysis that consumed his body from the chest down. After battling the malignancy for years, Nicholas had come to think of himself as a prisoner of sorts, someone with … Continue reading THE GREATEST MYSTERY


It started with a cough. Nothing out of the ordinary. Certainly, nothing to be concerned about – at least not for the first few weeks. But after a month, the coughing became persistent, it got deeper, and it lasted longer. That was quickly followed by growing fatigue that seemed to get worse with each day. … Continue reading THE FIRST RESPONDER


As she walked into the main lobby, Marilyn took a deep breath and tried unsuccessfully to control her nervousness. The tension had been mounting all morning, and now that the meeting was about to happen, she was having doubts about the entire thing. What if she had miscalculated the value of the interaction? What if … Continue reading THE COMPASSION EXPERIMENT