Stephen Parker believed he had every right to decide when and where he was going to die. After all, every life eventually comes to an end, he was simply ensuring that it happened at a time and place of his choosing. And he had every confidence that the old bridge would provide a more than … Continue reading THE BRIDGE OF LOST HOPE


THE NIGHT OF DECEMBER 24th, 1994 The troubled man huddled beneath the rickety bridge as the blizzard raged all around him. Sadly, he’d been homeless long enough for it to have taken a harsh toll on his body and mind. Shivering uncontrollably as the howling wind whipped through the gaping holes in his tattered blanket, … Continue reading A CHRISTMAS EVE MEMORY


Carly steered her SUV down the gently winding road that led into the center of the large cemetery. As she pulled into her usual parking spot, she glanced to her left and saw the same blue minivan that was almost always there. For several months she had crossed paths with the woman who drove the … Continue reading COMMON STRANGERS


Rebecca smiled at her elderly father sitting across the table. He was having a good morning and seemed more alert and aware than usual. She took a second to remind herself about how important it was to appreciate these moments because she knew that eventually, they were going to come to an end. William Brickstone … Continue reading THE CARDINALS


When the BMW hit the ponding on the slick road, the woman panicked and slammed on the brakes. Because of the heavy rain, she had reduced her speed to 60, down from the posted 70 mph, but it was still too fast for the deteriorating conditions. As her car began to slide towards the deep … Continue reading BRAINSTORMS