As the police officer looked at the two vehicles, he felt genuine sorrow for the families of the occupants. After seventeen years on the force he had worked hundreds of serious auto accidents, but he had never seen cars so completely demolished. The head-on collision had occurred when the large sedan crossed the center line … Continue reading THE MEANING OF FAMILY


Because physical movement was now impossible, the dying man lay perfectly still in his hospital bed. The astrocytoma tumor embedded in his brain had induced paralysis that consumed his body from the chest down. After battling the malignancy for years, Nicholas had come to think of himself as a prisoner of sorts, someone with no … Continue reading THE GREATEST MYSTERY


As she walked into the main lobby of the assisted living facility, Marilyn took a deep breath and tried unsuccessfully to control her nervousness. The tension had been mounting all morning, and now that the meeting was about to happen, she was having doubts about the entire thing. What if she had miscalculated the value … Continue reading THE COMPASSION EXPERIMENT


On a warm summer evening, an innocent dinner date was about to turn into a life-changing event because, as we all know, what seems like it’s going to be one thing – can sometimes turn out to be quite another. And that was never more true than on this particular occasion. Looking around the busy … Continue reading FORGIVENESS


Stephen Parker believed he had every right to decide when and where he was going to die. After all, every life eventually comes to an end, he was simply ensuring that it happened at a time and place of his choosing. And he had every confidence that the old bridge would provide a more than … Continue reading THE BRIDGE OF LOST HOPE