THE MEANING OF FAMILY is a touching story about Dylan, an eleven-year-old boy with Down syndrome who has never recovered from the loss of his mother. He is upset when he learns that a woman named Katie is engaged to marry his father. The young boy is curious about why she walks with a cane, but more importantly, he is concerned that the woman is trying to replace his mom. However, thanks to Katie’s patience and compassion, Dylan eventually discovers she is someone he can love and trust. *** Please click on the title.


THE PERFECT SANTA is a heartwarming holiday tale about how a mysterious man who uses a wheelchair becomes the perfect department store Santa by creating a magical Christmas for every child regardless of their intellectual or physical challenges. This emotionally compelling story demonstrates the true spirit of Christmas by showing the beauty of inclusion. *** Please click on the title.


Joshua and Emily, two people with Down syndrome, go on an innocent date that turns into so much more when a life-changing connection is made between Emily and someone from her distant past. This story runs the gamut from humorous to heartrending as it illustrates the importance of love and acceptance in every person’s life. *** Please click on the title.


THE COMPASSION EXPERIMENT is the powerful story of a young woman with a developmental disability named Teresa, who is struggling at her job in the kitchen of an assisted living facility. Just when it appears she is about to be let go, it’s discovered that while unsuccessful at washing dishes, she possesses a far more valuable ability that she happily uses to create positive change in the lives of the residents. This uplifting story about how one person can make a difference will touch you. *** Please click on the title.


Freelance writer Kimberly Jude had no idea that her life would be turned upside down when she agreed to write the biography of a person she would never meet but with whom she shared a particular challenge. However, the subject of her book was such a remarkable man that she had difficulty believing the truth about his incredible compassion and generosity. This is a breathtaking story about how countless lives were changed by a caring person who asked for nothing in return. *** Please click on the title.