In 1929, when Eleanor Robinson was just six-years-old, she helped her father plant a small pin oak behind their house. Ninety-one years later, Ellie died in that home with the noble tree still standing tall. This is the remarkable story of a long life lived in the shadow of the pin oak. Although the world changed, and not always for the better, Ellie’s character and principles remained the same. During her lifetime, she experienced tremendous joy and profound heartache. But most of all, she lived a life filled with unconditional love. *** Please click on the title.


On this particular weekday afternoon, there are several dozen residents in the large living area of the memory care facility. Some slowly move around on their own, others use walkers to help with their balance, while a couple of individuals walk with the aid of a cane. Numerous people sit in large comfortable chairs and … Continue reading WHEN MEMORIES ARE TAKEN


Rebecca smiled at her elderly father sitting across the table. He was having a good morning and seemed more alert and aware than usual. She took a second to remind herself about how important it was to appreciate these moments because she knew that eventually, they were going to come to an end. William Brickstone … Continue reading THE CARDINALS


The struggle was finally over. Seven years of emotional pain, distress, and misery had mercifully stopped – however, despite all of the anguish, eighty-four-year-old Joseph Spencer was devastated that it had come to an end. He fully realized how selfish that was, but he couldn’t help himself. Even in recent weeks when it was almost … Continue reading THE DECISION


Edward Griffin could not believe how fortunate he was to be celebrating his sixty-seventh wedding anniversary with Catherine. At the age of eighty-eight, he had to be careful as he made his way to the bed where his wife waited for him, smiling but silent as always. He had not heard her voice in many … Continue reading LASTING LOVE