Stephen Parker believed he had every right to decide when and where he was going to die. After all, every life eventually comes to an end, he was simply ensuring that it happened at a time and place of his choosing. And he had every confidence that the old bridge would provide a more than … Continue reading THE BRIDGE OF LOST HOPE


The passenger train, carrying almost one thousand souls, jumped the tracks going 50 mph. In little more than a split second, the peaceful tranquility of the countryside was shattered by the horrific grinding of metal and steel being tangled and crushed, leaving fragile human beings trapped inside the ghastly wreckage. On that unforgettable spring day … Continue reading SECRET MIRACLES


The individual’s hands were shaking violently as they gripped the heavy revolver. Convinced that they no longer had a purpose in life, the distraught person believed the steel blue weapon provided the only answer to their seething emotional pain. After enduring more than five decades of depression and mental anguish, the individual had been driven … Continue reading IF YOU HAD ONE WISH


Kenneth Patterson was desperately late. Everything had gone wrong this morning, and unfortunately, this was one of the most important days of his career. Even his luxury sedan had broken down. Now there were just minutes to get to the meeting that could secure his future. As he rushed for one of the six elevators … Continue reading THE ENCOUNTER


She had made the mistake of a lifetime, and Gabrielle knew she would be haunted by it for the rest of her life. On a dreary, gray October afternoon, a light rain bounced off of her umbrella as she stared at the simple headstone of Ryan King. There was a cross in each corner and … Continue reading MR. KING